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“The well-described scenery, the portrait of a vacationland without vacationers, the poignant portrayals of the immense differences in income between wealthy summer folks and hard-up island dwellers are all extremely compelling.”
— Deerfield Valley News

“A tense, thought-provoking drama... riveting, fast-paced read.”
— Inside Jersey Magazine

“Frightening, fascinating, all too possible.”
— Paula Treick DeBoard, author of The Drowning Girls

“Like binging on your favorite reality TV show with a dose of climatic catastrophe and double serving of delectable drama.”
— Coastal Living

“An exciting, entertaining and thought-provoking eco-thriller.”
— Aspen Daily News

“This terrifying glance into the relentless power of one superstorm and the primitive consequences that ripple through the east coast will send a literary jolt through any reader’s imagination.”
— Redbook

“Part environmental thriller, part exploration of marriage, it reveals the psychological storm that lies underneath the tranquil New England facade ready to sweep us into tribal life.”
— Joseph Monninger, award-winning author of Eternal on the Water

"in this sophisticated novel, [Reilly] focuses on the ebb and flow of relationships. They’re rendered with nuance, though Reilly throws in a pinch of distanced amusement, and horror, at some crazier reactions to these disturbing events. Many positions are thoughtfully portrayed here, even as they yank people apart."
- The Improper Bostonian

“This intimate, well-crafted book is an important addition.”
— Charlene D'Avanzo, author of Cold Blood, Hot Sea

“Reads as much like a love letter to the ecology of her native Vermont as a serious cautionary tract about the dangers of global climate change.”
— New York Journal of Books

“Any book group will have lots to discuss here”
— Library Journal

“Never preachy or didactic, Reilly shows the costs of ignoring major problems—whether in a marriage, government, infrastructure, or the environment—and the deadly consequences of such ignorance.”
— Booklist

“Sheds a light on the ever-changing planet and the will of survival inside the human soul.”
— SheKnows

“We Are Unprepared might be in the vanguard of tales that deal with the consequences of human-caused climate change. As such, it is an admirable example of the genre.”
— BookPage

“Smart, prophetic, heartfelt; WE ARE UNPREPARED is just the book I’ve been waiting to read—both wake-up call and salve for these uncertain times.”
— Robin MacArthur, author of Half Wild

“On the occasion of the re-entry of literature, great names of French or foreign literature flock to bookshelves. The authors make a tour of the cultural programs, talking to all goes to sell their books, sometimes very good, sometimes disappointing. But literary re-entry is also the occasion to discover pearls, authors unknown to the general public, the first novels that announce a promising career. This is the case of the Storms, the first book by Meg Little Reilly. ”
- Maze Magazine

“Ash’s story points to human connection, rather than radical isolationism, as the key to surviving a crisis, a message that will uplift readers.”
— Publishers Weekly

“A well told, complex story that you won’t want to put down.”
— The Chronicle

“You’ll definitely want to re-pack your emergency kit after reading this awesome new novel.”
— Brit + Co

“Reilly gives us one heckuva ride… Cli-fi novels don’t get much better than this.”
— Dan Bloom, The Cli-Fi Report