Book Festivals!

I had an incredible time this weekend speaking at not one but two world class literary festivals.

On Saturday at the Boston Book Festival, I had the privilege of joining the stage with novelists Suzanne Berne, Anna Solomon and Michelle Hoover for a discussion about social commentary and fiction. With an audience of more than 100, we had a robust discussion that left me thinking hard about future work! 

And for the final stop on my book tour, I was back in my beloved hometown for the always impressive Brattleboro Literary Festival. In the stunning river garden setting, I joined novelist Laura van den Berg for a readings and discussion of climate, dystopia, and realism. I was so grateful to all the old friends and new readers who turned out. 

Here's a lovely write-up of the festival from the Brattleboro Reformer.

But enough of these events! Book number two isn't going to write itself...

Thank you, Washington DC!

I had such an incredible time talking to a packed house at one of my favorite bookstores, Kramerbooks, in my old stomping ground of DC last week. It was a special honor to be interviewed by the extraordinary best-selling author, Jennifer Close. Thank you to all the old friends and new readers who showed up! 

There's a little wrap-up of the reading and party from POLITICO here.

Photo credit: Fred Baldassaro

Thanks Huffington Post!

From HuffPost Hill:

"MEG REILLY ACTUALLY DID WHAT YOU KEEP SAYING YOU WILL - Ryan Grim: “Former OMB and Treasury Department flack Meg Little Reilly did it: She quit Washington, moved to Vermont, and wrote a novel. Then she got it published. By a real publisher. And now it’s been picked up by Target’s book club. It’s called We Are Unprepared and it appears to be about a superstorm and a love story, or some such. More on that book here, but that’s besides the point. She did it."

(April 26, 2016)

Target Book Club **official selection**

There are no words for how honored I am to learn that We Are Unprepared has been selected as a Target Book Club pick. I can't be coy about it: this is kind of a big deal. The Target Book Club is a small, thoughtfully curated collection of new and old books for people who love reading. I admit that I didn't know much about it until now, but many of the books I've loved have been members of this club like Ann Patchett's State of Wonder, Erin Morgenstern's Night Circus and others. It's pretty awesome. 

A Cli-Fi List... and we're on it!

In this short "Cli-Fi: An Introduction" list, WE ARE UNPREPARED somehow ranks among the greats like Barbara Kingsolver, Margaret Atwood and Ian McEwan! 

It's worth checking out Karen's Green's lovely explanation of this emerging trend. According to Green:

"Dotted throughout these epochs are the voices that offer insight and perspective on humanity’s greatest (and worst) achievements, from war, civil rights, invention and exploration to expositions on where this all might take us… The late twentieth century brought us a new legacy: man-made climate change. It is arguably the biggest threat to the diversity of life on earth as we know it... And it is something that wordsmiths are not able to ignore, igniting the birth of Cli-Fi, a genre that casts climate change as a main protagonist and responds to the climate crisis with a deft mixture of art, politics and sharp warning from the points of view of both activist and passive observer."

Read it all over at Book Clubbish.